Best price guarantee

Found a lower price elsewhere? No problem!


1.1 Conditions for applying “Best Price Guarantee”

“Best Price Guarantee” applies if the following cumulative conditions are met:

(hereinafter referred to as the “Eligible Booking”).

In the event of an Eligible Booking, confirmed by Brisbane Dog Walkers under the terms and conditions stipulated herein, Brisbane Pet Services shall apply the Third-Party Booking Channel price and will offer you an additional reduction on the Third-Party Booking Channel price on the total cost of the booked dog walk service.

For example:

1.2 Cases for excluding “Best Price Guarantee”

“Best Price Guarantee” shall not apply in the following cases:

1.3 Procedure for benefiting from Best Price Guarantee

In order to benefit from “Best Price Guarantee”, you must (i) meet the conditions mentioned in above and (ii) email Brisbane Pet Services the below information.

Brisbane Pet Services cannot be held liable if errors or incomplete information have been entered by the Customer and if, for this reason, Brisbane Pet Services cannot apply “Best Price Guarantee” under the conditions specified herein.

A screen capture displaying both the date of the capture and the lowest price found using the Third-Party Booking Channel must be attached to the email, along with the associated terms and conditions of sale as well as any other document supporting the request. Incomplete or incorrect requests, or those which include ineligible or incomplete documents, will not be processed. The screen capture must clearly show the date of the walk, the company name, the terms and conditions of sale, the duration of the walk, the number of dogs on the walk and the rates offered on the Third-Party Booking Channel.


Requests must be submitted within 24 hours following confirmation of the Eligible Booking and no later than 24 hours before the planned dog walk. To comply with these deadlines, you should refer to the dates and times mentioned in your booking confirmation email or text.

1.4 admendments to these general terms and conditions

Brisbane Pet Services reserves the right to amend these general terms and conditions at any time. The amended terms and conditions shall take effect on the date they are put on-line on the website and shall apply to any request submitted on the website from the time they are put on-line.


Brisbane Pet Services asks the Customer to read these general terms and conditions carefully before each request, as they may have been modified. Any request involves the prior consultation and acceptance of these general terms and conditions by means of a checkbox provided for this purpose and which includes a hyperlink referring to these general terms and conditions.


Brisbane Pet Services also reserves the right to end “Best Price Guarantee”, at any time, it being specified that requests submitted before the termination of “Best Price Guarantee” will be processed by Brisbane Pet Services under the terms and conditions specified herein.